We Want to Put You In Hot Water!

Whether you’re unwinding from a tough day at work or you just completed a vigorous exercise workout, it’s time to settle into the most comfortable place you could ever imagine - An Aspen Spa from M&M Pools/Spas!

There is truly no other spa made that compares to an Aspen Spa. Their excellence in workmanship, durability, efficiency, reliability and synthetic skirting set Aspen apart from all others.

These are only a few of the many reasons that Aspen Spas is the industry leader in manufacturing spas.

Aspen Spa Features

Here is a list of other features that makes Aspen Spas unique from all others:

  • Six Layer Spa Shell Construction
  • Maintenance free cabinets and ABS spa bottom
  • 2lb Closed cell foam, preventing heat loss
  • Insulated ABS Bottom Pan
  • LED Lighting
  • Manual or zoned controls for therapy jets
  • Programmable controls
  • Beautiful acrylic surface with vinyl ester resin (eliminates blistering problems)
  • Gecko spa pumps are the most efficient pumps delivering unsurpassed power and performance
  • Extra thick hardcover (for less heat loss)

Aspen Spa Features

Aspen Spas has been designing, building and selling premium spas in St. Louis Missouri since their inception.  Their success has allowed them to grow nation wide.  Discover what customers already know-- along with the comfort and luxury of an Aspen Spa, you'll get peace of mind knowing you have chosen a product of unsurpassed quality and value